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Katy [userpic]

my eyes are super dry and hurt a lot

March 7th, 2005 (02:54 am)

current mood: My eyes wont stop hurting!

this saturday my mom and i went out to the fabric store to find some fabric to buy for my backdrop to use in my photoshoot. i ended up buying 120 sq/ft of black crushed velvet for $39. im so classy it hurts. so my backdrop is going to be 10 feet high by 12 feet long. awesome. i also entertained my mom to no end. we were in the store forever, looking over everything for no good reason. i trapsed through the store with my giant thing of crushed velvet and compared it to real velvet and was explaining the way light would play off of it to my mother (seriously confusing anyone who walked by)

at one point, my mom was distracted by scrapbooking supplies, so i wandered off to find knitting needles. i found this awesome yarn that needed size 19 needles, and i wanted to show my mom how huge they were... after a while i found them, grapped them, and went to find my mom to show her. i ended up following this lady from the place at the back of the store where the needles were up to where my mom was in the scrapbooking isle. i think the lady only turned down that isle because she was creeped out by how i was following here with giant pointy needles. i told my mom this and she laughed a lot. my mom is insane, its awesome sometimes.

my mom worried over what would happen if the fabric didnt work out for my backdrop as the lady was cutting it. i told her i would wallpaper my apartment with it.... the lady cutting it looked a bit concerned at that thought. my mom just laughed. sadly, i think the velvet would only cover the wall by my bed. sad. sad.