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Katy [userpic]

January 27th, 2005 (08:52 am)

current mood: retarded
current song: Whiskeytown

i feel like im suddenly falling in love with completely random people for completely random reasons...

i suddenly felt this affinity to ryan adams after hearing him giggle after a song, saying "can you believe that, i forgot the line, started laughing, and then my string broke!" and i dont know why i did... because he's a freaking nut case now...

then the other day i suddenly had some weird obsession with the drummer from alkaline trio (derek grant), which is weird, because seriously, for so long, the only time i ever mentioned him was to say "he's going to eat my soul" since when i saw them at warped tour, he was drumming, took off his shirt to reveal a large satanic looking pentagram, then did that staring-over-the-brow-ridge-while-having-your-head-tilted-down" and was looking right at me, and really looked like he wanted to eat my soul. now im fucking giddy about him?

anyway, the funny thing about all of this, after seeing random guys and going "yeah thats hot" is that after all this,

i still will never find scott from school attractive at ALL.

im in love with some nut job who has nervous breakdowns on stage, and a dude who up to a couple weeks ago, i was fairly convinced wanted to devour my soul.

HAHAHHA ok i think its funny. maybe its causr its 9am and im not asleep yet.